Car Page.  

My first mode of transport was the Suzuki ZR50S 50cc Moped. This bike had everything you might need for those long journeys including a set of amplified speakers and a clock so you could see how late you were going to be (the bike only had a top speed of 40 mph - and that was downhill with the wind behind you!).


My second vehicle was the Mini 1000. This car took me on many journeys with the only drawback being that if you happened to drive through a fairly deep puddle the distributor cap would get flooded and the car would stop (sometimes right in the middle of the water). This car had a 5 speaker stereo, roof mounted console with map reading light etc. and as you can see from the picture natty black (non-painted) front wings. I learn't to drive in this car, passing my test first time approx. 3 months after my 17th Birthday (you can just make out the L plate on the bonnet). The manual listed top speed of this car was approx. 80 mph.


My third vehicle was an Escort 1.3L in Crystal Green (unfortunately I cannot find my pictures of this car - once found they will be added to this page). Much more comfortable than the Mini this car had plush seats, a 1300cc engine and fully colour co-ordinated spoiler and door mirrors. The manual listed top speed of this car was approx. 95 mph.


My fourth vehicle was a Ford Fiesta XR2. Leaps and bounds ahead of the Escort, this was a 1.6 Litre engined Fiesta producing 98 BHP, placing this sort of power in a Fiesta allowed for quick standing start acceleration (and quite a few wheel spins if you weren't careful!). The car had sports suspension, wide tyres a five speed gearbox, alloy wheels, front spot lights, central locking (DIY fit by me) and racing seats. I fitted this car out with some fairly nice stereo equipment. By far the most fun to drive of the cars I had owned up to that point. The only problems I had with this car were keeping it clean (it was white after all) and the exhaust keep breaking. The manual listed top speed of this car was approx. 105 mph.


My fifth vehicle was a Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia. This car had all the extras:- slide and tilt sun-roof, electric windows, central locking, high powered stereo, alloy wheels and front spot lamps. A nice four door car with a fair turn of speed. Not as quick off the mark or as stable around corners as the XR2 but still quite sporty. The 1.6 engine had the added benefit of mechanical Injection and was therefore producing 108 BHP. The manual listed top speed of this car was approx. 110 mph.


My sixth car was a Vauxhall Astra GTE 2.0i. The 2 litre engine produces 124 BHP and has very high torque very low in the rev range (approx 2500 rpm I believe). I have lost the electric windows and four doors I had on the Orion but it was well worth it to own such an outstanding car. The handling and performance are second to none, this is the car to own if you want fun and performance on a budget. Insurance is quite high but once you are over 25 drops off dramatically (as long as you haven't had any accidents of course!!). The manual listed top speed of this car is approx. 125 mph.


My seventh car was a Rover 420 GSI 16v. This car was much more refined than the Astra was but didn't suffer too much in the Power/Speed department as a result. The 2 Litre DOHC 16 value engine produced approx 148 BHP, and can launch the car off the lights at a very reasonable rate. I am sure that I have surprised quite a few people both other drivers and passengers with the performance of this car... a real wolf in sheeps clothing. The only thing bad I can say about the car is its image. All the other 420 GSIs I have ever seen on the road appeared to be driven by old men. The only time I ever saw a young driver behind the wheel of one, he seemed to be as surprised to see me as I was to see him, which only helped to confirm my thoughts. Maybe I should look at the new MG ZS180 for my next car... Now that is one cool looking Rover 420/45... The manual listed top speed of this car is approx. 130 mph.


My eighth and current car is an Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 T-Spark. This car really is something new for me. Being a family man I had always gone for 4 seats and 4 doors. However as we already own a Ford Galaxy 2.8 V6 7 seater and the fact that I only ever drive to work in my car, I decided to buy a two seater convertible. This car is lovely. Its a little quicker than my Rover with 151 BHP and a lighter chassis, and the handling is fantastic. The car looks very stylish especially with the roof down, its a real head turner. I know I was talking about an MG when I had my Rover, but I'm so glad I opted for a true sports car. It really feels very special to drive. The manual listed top speed of this car is approx. 138 mph.