Games Page.

This page is dedicated to the Games that I play, constantly (sorry Amanda!).

Tomb Raider, the screen shot above is from the demo version (click it to see the full size version), its a great 3rd person perspective game, exciting but also a bit taxing to the grey matter (can't wait for the full version).

Network Q RAC Rally, driving lots of different cars really fast round lots of tight corners overtaking everything in sight, what more can I say!!

Grand Prix 2, Bit of a thinking mans racing game this, but can still be fun multiplayer with all the driving aids active and Dan trying his hardest to run me off the track.

Network Play

Many a Sunday has been spent together with my mates, Andrew M, Dan P, Simon J, Simon M, Paul A and Phil K (Hi guys!), blasting the hell out of each other. To carry out this rather gruesome activity we use the following games:-

Quake, very high on my list of cool network games, my fav weapon being the rocket launcher. Graphics created using light sourced polygons, run this in SVGA and you know what quality is with only drawback being that you most definately need a Pentium to run it!

Duke Nuk'em 3D, if you haven't heard the remote ridicule across the network while playing this one, you haven't lived. This is a great game to play networked apart from one small drawback, Dan is a bit of a dab hand at this and if he happens to get the RPG before you, you have to resign yourself to the fact that your going to get Fragged, BIG TIME! (The phrase that comes to mind is 'Thanks Bassett!').

Doom 2, Ahh... Doom, my first network game. This is the game that got me hooked. Although its old, its a classic and I think always will be. Many a time we end up running Doom 2 networked, often using 3rd party WADS. This game has had such an influence on our network sessions that from the start they were coined within the group as a 'Doom Sess'.

Heretic/Hexen, much the same in game play, what more can I say about these two than 'Doom set in medieval times'.

ROTT, Rise Of The Triad, similar in many ways to Doom 2 but with some rather wicked Remote Ridicule.